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Spyware Cease 4.0

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    Spyware Cease 4.0

    Spyware Cease 4.0 | 26.8 MB

    Spyware Cease is the award-winning Windows antispyware program that can be used to effectively protect your PC against various spyware attacks that can generate unwanted pop-ups, slow down PC performance, or steal your privacy without you knowing it!

    Industry-leading hardcore antispyware technology
    Spyware Cease™ offers the technology-oriented protection against the latest spyware threats like keyloggers, trojans, adware, malicious cookies tracking, browser hijackers, worms, phishing attacks and other malicious spyware attacks to effectively eliminate the unwanted pop-ups, minimize identities thieves and speed up PC performance. What's more, Spyware Cease™ enables the real-time guard in the background, which recommends user to take action when any program attempts to the PC registry.

    Effectively safeguard your personal information
    Spyware Cease™ has the industry-leading antispyware technology for protecting your privacy. It can shield your personal information by effectively removing malicious cookies and erasing your Internet tracks left behind. With Spyware Cease™, you can be ensured that your online activities, such as shopping, banking transactions and Internet surfing, are safe with full confidence!

    Enhance computer performance & enrich computer experience
    You don’t need annoyed with the PC's poor performance suffered from the spyware attacks any more. Spyware Cease™ can enhance PC performance by identifying and removing spyware programs that eat up PC memory and CPU, as well as conserving PC resources and minimizing interruptions to ensure a stable and sufficient PC performance.

    Key Features and Benefits
    • Comprehensively Scan Engine
    • Real-time Safeguard
    • Effectively Remove Rootkit
    • Diagnose System(New!)
    • Check Registry BHO
    • Ignore Uncertain Items
    • Protect Registry, IE(New!)
    • Identity Passwords Thieves
    • Check Browsers, System Files
    • Detect Deceptive Malware
    • Block Pop-ups, Erase Tracks
    • 1-Click Operation
    • On-Demand Scheduling
    • Enhance PC Performance
    • Conserve PC Resource
    • Free Technical Support
    • Frequently Update Database
    • Submit Problems via E-mail
    • 100% Money Back Guarantee
    • Keep Networking Sites Safe
    • Remove Malwares That Eat Up System Resources
    • Improve Internet Browsing Safety:shin4:

    Spyware Cease 4.0

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